Oklahoma Wesleyan’s Chesapeake Energy School of Business is proud to announce the launch of an Equine Management Program officially beginning in the fall of 2016. Coach Stacey Bailey will lead the program as the Program Director.

Along with the academic program, OKWU is starting an Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association (IHSA) team. The club-structured IHSA team will be open to full time, undergraduate students at all experience levels and students are not required to own their own horses.

SWR Riding Center LogoThe new program will partner with Stormwalker Ranch’s SWR Riding Center, a premier facility offering riding lessons, horsemanship coaching, and horse training and located just a few miles from the OKWU Bartlesville campus.

There are more than 150 equine-related careers and the Equine Management Program lays the foundation for students to be successful in their chosen field. The program combines equine classes and traditional business classes in order to give students the necessary combination of knowledge and skills to excel in today’s horse industry. The equine classes utilize theoretical knowledge and applicable skills to allow for a well-rounded education. This program is a balance of equine science, management, and horsemanship designed to give graduates an edge.

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