School of Arts and Sciences

Department of Humanities

Gail Richardson

Dean of School of Arts & Sciences

Eric Peterson

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Lisa Riggs

Assistant Professor of English and Literature

Jonathan Stewart

Assistant Professor of Music

Sarah Petrovic

Assistant Professor of English

Department of Science and Mathematics

Douglass P. Quick

Professor of Biology

Brian Turner

Associate Professor of Physics

Rosimar Truitt

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Beverly Hartter

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Department of Social and Behavioral Science

William Vieux

Instructor of Psychology

Dan B Wimberly

Professor of History

Kyle White

Vice President for Student Life, Instructor of Psychology

Chesapeake Energy School of Business

Kirk Jackson

Dean, Assistant Professor of Accounting & Finance

Brian Epperson

Assistant Professor of Business

Mark Shannon

Assistant Professor of Management & Leadership

David Cochran

Associate Professor of Communications

Wendel Weaver

Assistant Professor of Marketing

School of Education

Bob Bonner

Professor, Dean Emeritus

Charissa Dunn

Assistant Professor of Education, Field Director

Curtis Williams

Instructor/Athletic Trainer

Amanda Dickinson

Physical Education Professor

Keri Bostwick

Assistant Professor, M.Ed. Director

Jeffrey Keeney

Dean, School of Education

Stacy Gerth

Assistant Professor of Education

School of Nursing

Jessica Johnson

Dean, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Scarlett Virden

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Becky Le

Assistant Professor

School of Ministry and Christian Thought

Mark Weeter

Professor of Religion, Dean of the school of Religion

Josh McNall

Assistant Professor, New Testament Studies

Darek Jarmola

Professor of Historical Theology

Mike Fullingim

Professor of Religion; Intercultural Studies and Linguistics

Devon Smith

Director of the Master of Arts in Theology and Apologetics

Jerome Van Kuiken

Assistant Professor of Religion and Philosophy