Shooting Ducks in a Barrel

As a New York Times article says, “The information associated with communications today is often more significant than the communications itself and the people who do the data mining know that.”

Data mining? Didn’t we hear the term used extensively during the Obama election campaign?

On June 9, 2012 Lois Romano, a former Tulsan writing for Politico, began her column, “On the sixth floor of a sleek office building here (Chicago), more than 150 techies are quietly peeling back the layers of your life.  They know what you read and where you shop, what kind of work you do and who you count as friends.  They also know who your mother voted for in the last election.”

Ms. Romano goes further to say, “The depth and breadth of the Obama campaign’s 2012 digital operation from data mining to online organizing  reaches so far beyond anything politics has ever seen experts maintain, that it could impact the outcome of a close presidential election.”

Several weeks before the 2012 Presidential election, I was in Oklahoma City and had the opportunity of visiting with Mrs. Ann Romney. Mrs. Romney confided that with so much wrong with the economy and national direction, she was amazed why the campaign could not break above 50 percent in the polls.

Sixty-nine years earlier Admiral Yamamoto of the Japanese Imperial Fleet, must have thought the same thing as 18 American P-38 Lightning appeared from nowhere to shoot his plane down.  “Where did these Americans come from?”

They found him because they read Admiral Yamamoto’s messages and knew he would be flying to Ballale that morning.

I’d like to speculate to Mrs. Romney, that maybe President Obama’s campaign might have gotten ahold of your husband’s phone calls, emails and other communication?  His campaign seemed to block whatever efforts Governor Romney made to tell the truth to Americans.

If the Obama administration would use the IRS to block GOP fundraising and badger political opponents, would they not use the National Security Agency (NSA) to read their foes communications and messages?

Let’s get back to Ms. Romano’s writing.  She states,  “By harnessing the growing power of Facebook and other online sources, the (Obama) campaign is building what some see as an unprecedented data base to develop highly specific profiles of potential voters.”

Ms. Romano, an Obama supporter, also writes,” They are way ahead of Romney micro-targeting and its level of precision we haven’t seen before, says Darrell M. West, a leading scholar on technology innovation at the Brookings Institution.”

Ms. Romano points out, “It is also apparent that the Romney campaign will stick closely to the traditional campaign model of heavy and expensive television spending.”

Too simplistic. Just tap into the NSA system and shoot down the Romney campaign as easily as the American fighters shot down Admiral Yamamoto, who also was living in a different era and fighting a war he had already lost.

Daniel Keating is President of Summit Consolidated Group, a national brokerage and insurance company with offices in Oklahoma, Texas, Connecticut and Louisiana. Mr. Keating grew up in Tulsa graduating from Cascia Hall. He holds a B.S. degree from Tulsa University and a MBA from the University of Oklahoma. Following college, Keating joined the United States Marine Corps and completed Officer Candidate School. Daniel Keating served a thirteen-month tour with the Fifth Marine Regiment in Vietnam and later retired from the Marine Corps Reserve with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Daniel Keating is a past president of Valley National Bank in Tulsa where he presently serves on the Bank’s Board of Directors. In 2002, President Bush appointed Mr. Keating to the Board of Advisors on Tribal Colleges and Universities. Daniel Keating has been a delegate to three Republican National Conventions. He was also appointed by Oklahoma’s Speaker of the House to the Cigarette and Tobacco Tax Advisory Committee and was later elected its chairman. Mr. Keating also serves as Chairman of the City of Tulsa’s Transportation Advisory Board, and is a member of Oklahoma Wesleyan University Foundation Board of Directors. In 2012 Governor Mary Fallin appointed Mr. Keating to the Tulsa Community College Board of Regents. He is also the President Pro Tempore’s appointee to the Professional Responsibility Commission. Daniel and his wife, Kathy have two sons, Matthew and Bryan.

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