What is This About, Really?

This Friday on Pat Campbell’s Radio show, Dr. Piper and Pat discuss the recent firing of a Catholic school’s gay Vice Principle who recently married his partner in Seattle, and what the implications are for our culture.

Is this really about love, sex, tolerance or marriage? Or is this about power?

Charles Krauthammer in his book, Things That Matter, suggest progressives want the gay marriage issue to be about one of two things:  Empathy or Rights whereby “rights” implies superiority and superiority implies power.

Andrew Napolitano also summarizes this well in his book, Theodore and WoodrowThe progressive movement, says Judge Napolitano, is about the “better people” the “smart people” having power to “protect” the rest of us from ourselves and, thereby, dictate how everyone else should live.

While Rick Santorum was on OKWU’s campus, he suggested that the progressive agenda is really not about tolerance or equal rights but about power.  Krauthammer and Santorum are correct. What we need to understand is this: The progressive movement has never been about freedom.  It has always been about elites taking control of society and telling all the “lesser people” how to live, what to think and what to believe.

Don’t let the magician fool you with his slight of hand. This is not about love or tolerance. This is about who has the power.

Listen to the full podcast here. 

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