The President Thinks Obamacare is Working… Does the United States Agree?

On April 17, President Obama declared that “The thing is working!” in reference to the Affordable Care Act. What prompted this declaration? Eight million people had signed up for the new, mandated insurance plans, a number that exceeded previous expectations.

But does the public seem to agree with the President? According to James Freeman’s Morning Editorial Report in the Wall Street Journal, no.

The latest ABC/Post poll shows that those who are opposed to the law- 48%, outnumber those who support it- 44%. The perecentage of those who support the law has dropped 5% in the last month. And that is the not the only number dropping. The President’s approval rating sits at 41%, the lowest it has sat since he took office.

Why is that? With the numbers of enrollees so high, why are so many people against the law? Perhaps they are against it because they know that the eight million number is meaningless without data showing how many people were forced, by law, to buy the plan because their previous plan was canceled.

To read more of the Morning Editorial Report, click HERE. 

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One Response to “The President Thinks Obamacare is Working… Does the United States Agree?”

  1. Randy Hoagland

    Perhaps they are against it because they are being informed by partisan interests who don’t seem to care whether people have affordable health care or not.

    Perhaps they don’t know that their “previous plan” was cancelled because that plan was, in essence, junk insurance with extremely high deductibles, and very low caps on coverage which would never protect them from financial ruin.

    Perhaps some of these people have the misfortune of reading statements like these on the Keating Center forum and conclude, erroneously, that there is a causal relation between the President’s low approval rating and the ACA.

    Perhaps these same people have grown weary of the irony, the hypocrisy, of those who *say* that they are concerned for the poor and act otherwise because of some concocted, Socialist bete noir.

    Perhaps they do not know that the ACA, in essence, was originally the product of the Heritage Foundation and championed by such Republican stalwarts as Charles Grassley and Newt Gengrich, and actually applied by Mitt Romney, all of whom cravenly railed against it *because* a Democrat was trying to make it the law.

    Perhaps putative Christian institutions shouldn’t shill for moneyed interests in the name of “freedom” which amounts to nothing more than a blanket justification for the worst practices of laisse faire capitalism.