What is Missing in Washington?

Based off the this week’s headlines, what seems to be missing from the political realm in Washington D.C.?

Integrity. Honesty in politics. Why are people continually bringing up the Benghazi scandal? What happened in Benghazi two years ago remains in today’s headlines because the American people do not feel like they have heard the truth.

Earlier this week, emails were released showing that the White House tried to spin the attack as the result of an anti-Muslim video, instead of calling it a terrorist attack. This is not the first investigation into the issue, but this the first time these emails have been made public, thanks to conservative watchdog group- Judicial Watch. This leads the American people to wonder why these emails are just now coming into the light.

In response to this, and in an effort to uncover what truly happened in Benghazi, Speaker John Boehner announced that the House of Representatives will vote to on a select committee to investigate further.

It remains to be seen how this will story will affect the current administration and the upcoming elections.

For more information about Benghazi, checkĀ US Today, Fox News, and The Washington Post.


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