The Supreme Court’s Remaining Cases

There are many important headlines dominating the news, but there is one in particular you should pay attention to. Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court released several opinions as it begins to close out its 2014-2015 session, but it still has 11 cases to go.

A Matter of Justice

The new Attorney General, Loretta Lynch has a reputation for battling political corruption, and now, an opportunity for justice has arisen. The IRS scandal might not be still dominating the headlines, but Ryan’s Thursday letter is a reminder that justice has still not been served.

Capitalism and the Family

“Understanding how capitalism has met our material needs is one thing, but as we more easily meet our material needs, we open up the ability to pursue all kinds of non-material values.”

Different Party Priorities

As the next presidential election looms on the horizon, the differences between America’s two political parties will become even more unmistakable. Not only do the two political parties see issues which concern the American public differently, but how the parties prioritize the issues differs vastly as well.