Would You Like to Know More About Economics?

“…as a fundamental American principle, the development of the free enterprise system in our country has been the engine that has driven almost inconceivable economic success and personal freedom.” The American economic system has given the citizens of this country unparalleled freedom. But what is economics all about?

Who’s the Bully on the Playground?

Supposedly, Common Core is “voluntary” and “state-led,” but this week’s events show that the USED (United Stated Department of Education) will punish those who do not adhere to its standards. It is the new bully on the playground, and if states are not going to play by its rules, they will feel the wrath.

Another Way Obamacare has Hurt Universities

The protests of Christian colleges and universities against the Affordable Care Act are now nationally known, but now it is not only Christian colleges and universities that are being hurt by the act. Over 100 colleges and universities nationwide have had to limit adjunct professor course loads, or cap student or adjunct faculty to work hours to avoid a steep penalty.

Accrediting Christian Colleges a Farce?

According to Conn, Christian Universities are not worth accrediting. Why are Christian universities not worth accreditation in his opinion? “By awarding accreditation to religious colleges, the process confers legitimacy on institutions that systematically undermine the most fundamental purposes of higher education.”

What Does Christ Say About Commerce?

A recent article by Klauss Issler, PhD, explores the connection of Christ and commerce. Issler found in the Synoptic gospels- Matthew, Mark, and Luke- that work is mentioned in 32 of the 37 parables.
Work however, is not the only thing mentioned. It appears that work is not the only topic mentioned. Issler found that Christ seemed to also have a positive view of commerce.