William Vieux

Instructor in PsychologyWilliam Vieux Faculty in Psychology

School of Arts & Science
B.S.W., University of Kansas; M.S.W., University of Kansas.

Mission & Passion

My passion is to help build a community dedicated to reconciliation of the broken relationship between God, ourselves and other human beings. A community that works to regenerate all aspects of the human condition and heal broken relationships for the ultimate purpose to reconcile humanity back to God.

Teaching Philosophy

Any teaching starts from a foundation of core beliefs and values. This allows the creation of a paradigm from which to teach. The core beliefs and values help to form what might be called the teacher’s bias—that is, the lens through which the teacher perceives and expresses thoughts and concepts. The teacher’s core beliefs and values must be congruent with and actualized in his life experience. The teacher must live out the philosophy that drives what is being taught.

The teacher must facilitate this recognition in the process of teaching first by directing the student’s focus to the fact of the ultimate reality and then to the evidence (the facts of the subject being taught) that support and reflect the ultimate truths. Christian Liberal Arts education should include this recognition process as the student is provided the facts of a well rounded group of core subjects.

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