Incorporating a Christian world outlook into our curriculum is something we value at Oklahoma Wesleyan University. As a result, we understand the need to prepare students for ministry positions with the knowledge and resources to reach out to their community and beyond. Discover empowering, faith-based learning needed for effective church leadership with our Bachelor of Science in Ministry & Leadership.

Students will develop and practice a number of key ministry-specific administrative skills and leadership principles – all designed to help you become a nonprofit administrator. Gain the tools to grow your church or nonprofit agency, or prepare for seminary training or ordination to the ministry with our biblically based Ministry & Leadership degree.

Students enrolled in our Ministry & Leadership degree program will study courses such as:

  • Theology and Christian Education
  • Foundations of Preaching
  • Church Administration
  • Ministry in a Pluralistic Culture
  • Christian Spiritual Formation

During your study in our program, you can continue to work in your home church while receiving the leadership and biblical education and skills you desire.