Striving to help you understand the creative expressions of human culture, participate in the creative processes of cultural production, transform culture by turning it toward the love of God and neighbor.

In keeping with the mission of the University, the Humanities Department believes all human intellectual and artistic effort is to be viewed through the lens of the lordship of Jesus Christ. The Humanities Department strives, therefore, to offer courses and programs which give a strong foundation in the theory and practice of the disciplines of English Composition, Literature, Foreign Language, Communication Arts, Visual Arts, and Music, as well as a Christian worldview which affirms the pursuit of truth and the value of self expression through written, visual, and aural disciplines.

The Degrees

Humanities Faculty

Gail Richardson | David Cochran | Lisa Riggs | Jonathan Stewart | Sarah Petrovic

Communication Arts Major

This major equips students with the knowledge and skills to deploy visual, written and social media to reach audiences in our contemporary marketplace. Every organization faces the challenge of reaching out to audiences through multiple forms of visual, textual and digital communication. Our curriculum prepares students to meet that need by providing training in Graphic Design, Web Design, Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising. The successful graduate will emerge as a communication strategist as well as a skilled visual and written communicator.

Media Design & Strategy Major

To address the need for skilled communicators with a strategic understanding of the contemporary marketplace, this major is designed as a hybrid degree emphasizing both visual communication skills and marketing strategy and management. Students who desire strong training in business strategy, design, and communication should consider this major.

English Major

The Bachelor of Arts in English is a versatile degree which prepares students for a wide variety of professional experiences that either require or are enhanced by a thorough background in literature and language arts. English majors are in great demand in the fields of business, public relations, communication, advertising, intercultural careers (including missions), and many other areas that require persons with a good command of oral and written language as well as the ability to judge critically and comprehensively. The B.A. in English also includes a 24-hour block of electives, which provides the freedom for students to acquire a minor, or other skills, which will further prepare them for a vocation.

English Education Major

The Bachelor of Arts degree in English Education meets the standards of the Oklahoma State Department of Education and NCATE for teaching certification for grades 6-12. The course requirements include 34 hours of professional education as well as the standard requirements for an English major. The course requirements for this major are listed under the School of Education.

Music Major

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Music is a comprehensive program with an emphasis in either Piano or Vocal Performance. The program prepares piano and voice students for fields in classical musical performance, private teaching, and graduate study in music. The program offers a strong core of 70 credits in music as well as 23 hours of specialized emphasis in piano or voice. The capstones for this degree are a junior and a senior piano or voice recital showing mastery of performance in a variety of classical music styles.

Music Education Major

The Bachelor of Science in Music Education is a program leading to certification in general music (with a specialization in vocal music) for teaching in grades K-12. The curriculum meets the standards of the Oklahoma Commission on Teacher Preparation and the Oklahoma State Board of Education and is nationally accredited through NCATE. The curriculum includes 36 hours of professional education courses and 37 hours of specialized music courses. The capstone for this degree is one semester student teaching in both an elementary and high school classroom under the supervision of a certified public school music teacher.

Worship Arts Major

The Bachelor of Arts in Worship Arts is a program designed to prepare students for the role of music ministry and worship leading in the local church for the traditional, blended, and contemporary worship services. The courses include 46 hours in specialized music training and 9 hours of specific religion courses. Additionally, this degree offers four 16-hour tracks specializing in Worship, Music Technology, Contemporary Music Artistry, or Music Business according to a student’s individual gifts and interests. The capstone for this degree is a one semester worship arts internship at a local church engaging in music ministry and worship leading under the supervision of a pastor or one semester specialized training in Nashville in the area of technology, artistry, or music business.