The Interaction Design degree equips students as front-end web developers with an understanding of back-end technologies. Building on foundations of Graphic Design and Marketing, students will study principles of Interaction Design and develop skills in current front-end development practices, including HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as knowledge of programming fundamentals in a back-end language such as PHP. The field of web development enjoys robust growth and graduates equipped to enter this field enjoy a high rate of job placement.

Brian Epperson

Dean, Associate Professor of Business

Wendel Weaver

Assistant Dean of the School of Business

David Hart

Executive in Residence

Mark Shannon

Assistant Professor of Management and Leadership

Jessica Johnson

Dean, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Mark Weeter

Professor of Theological Studies, Dean of the School of Ministry and Christian Thought

Devon Smith

Director of the Master of Arts in Theology and Apologetics

Stacy Gerth

Assistant Professor of Education

Jeffrey Keeney

Dean, School of Education

Keri Bostwick

Assistant Professor, M.Ed. Director

Gentry Sutton

Dean, Assistant Professor of English

Amber Vieux

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Dr. David Lane

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Kathryn McNeil

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Stacey Bailey

Equine Management Program Director

Jason Bussey

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Dalene Fisher

Assistant Professor of English

Jennifer Beavers

Assistant Professor of Music

Evan Hewitt

Assistant Professor of Communication Arts

Rosanina Ketchum

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Jerome Van Kuiken

Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy

Amanda Dickinson

Physical Education Professor

David Cochran

Associate Professor of Communication Arts

Lisa Riggs

Assistant Professor of English and Literature

Josh McNall

Assistant Professor of Theology