Spiritual depth in Christ, mature understanding, and effective ministry — these are the ends we pursue. We are driven by our passionate love for God and our neighbor.

The Degrees:



Devon Smith

Director of the Master of Arts in Theology and Apologetics

Mark Weeter

Professor of Religion, Dean of the school of Religion

Mike Fullingim

Professor of Religion; Intercultural Studies and Linguistics

Darek Jarmola

Professor of Historical Theology

Josh McNall

Assistant Professor, New Testament Studies

Jerome Van Kuiken

Assistant Professor of Religion and Philosophy

Pastoral Ministry

The Pastoral Ministry major is for those who intend to pursue full-time ministry in the Wesleyan church. This major fulfills all requirements for ordination, and equips students to pastor effectively in a variety of congregational settings.

Pastoral Ministry/Worship Arts Major

The pastoral Ministry Major with an emphasis in Worships Arts equips the student to combine pastoral leadership skills, with a more focused training in Music and the Arts. Special emphasis is placed upon the Biblical and theological foundation for Christian Worship, along with the proper role of the musician in shepherding the church into authentic and culturally contextualized Christian worship. Graduates are prepared for both pastoral and music positions in the church.

Pastoral Ministry/Biblical and Theological Studies

This degree combines the Pastoral Ministries major with extra Biblical and Theological Studies courses to give the pastor a superior knowledge of the Bible. This major fulfills the requirements for ordination in the Wesleyan Church. Due to the critical importance of learning Koine Greek for serious study of the New Testament, only a bachelor of arts is offered for students interested in this degree.

Pastoral Ministries/Youth Ministry

This major equips the pastor to minister effectively to the general congregation and to youth specifically. Students who may pastor in smaller churches which require pastors to have multiple roles would benefit from this degree. This major fulfills the requirements for ordination in the Wesleyan church.

Global Studies

Oklahoma Wesleyan University, in partnership with Voice of the Martyrs, has developed a one-of-a-kind bachelor’s degree with its Global Studies Major. This unique intercultural major prepares the student to pursue ministry both domestic and globally among persons of different languages and cultures. Not only will this major develop practical skills to enabled the student to perform effective intercultural ministry, but because of the unique relationship with Voice of the Martyrs, the student will learn about the persecution of the church throughout the centuries. Also, the student will bet trained to work effectively in both restricted and/or hostile nations, in a short of long term capacity.

For information on the OKWU/VOM Mini-Term Program

Sports Ministry

This major equips students for a wide range of ministry involving sports, such as full-time sports ministry or sports team chaplain. This major does not fulfill the requirements for ordination in the Wesleyan church.

Biblical and Theological Studies Program

Offered either as Bachelor of Arts of Bachelor of Science degree, the Biblical and Theological Studies major is designed to enable students to have a thorough working knowledge of the Old and New Testaments and Christian Theology. Additionally, the program is designed for students who do not plan to pursue a ministerial ordination, but desire a career in the service of the Church, such as a secondary education Bible teacher. This major can also serve as a pre-seminary program for those who know that they are going to seminary following graduation. (This program does not fulfill the requirements for ordination in The Wesleyan Church)