Human Culture is at a Crossroads

Applied Bioethics

Are human beings created equally in the image of God, and possessors of unalienable rights – or are they just expressions of matter whose only worth is that attributed to them by others?

Bioethical issues are at the heart of many philosophical, political, and practical problems. The consequences of bioethical decisions are serious.

Too many people today aren’t convinced abortion is unthinkable. Can you persuade them?

Equip yourself to answer pro-choice arguments compellingly and winsomely in any setting. Recognizing that an abstract approach to bioethics is insufficient, Oklahoma Wesleyan University is proud to be one of the few universities in the nation committed to equipping the next generation of life-affirming apologists, politicians, and pregnancy center executives.

“Applied Bioethics at OKWU is the most important pro-life training you will ever receive…I went from the frustration of finding myself flat-footed in conversations about abortion to being thoroughly equipped to winsomely answer arguments in ways that are life changing. Don’t pass up this opportunity to take your ministry to the next level and begin making abortion unthinkable in your community.” – Jody Ward (Project Manager, Women’s Care Center, Baltimore, MD)

Nationally recognized pro-life organizations are partnering with Oklahoma Wesleyan University to offer certifications in pro-life training and ministry essentials. Heartbeat International provides students successfully completing any of these courses with credit toward their Life Affirming Specialist (LAS) program. OKWU will offer the following summer courses in 2017:

Foundations of Life Training: July 10-14, 2017. Instructor: John Ensor

Non-Profit Organization, Development, & Management: July 17-21, 2017. Instructor:  Dr. Wendell Weaver

These summer courses each include one week of intensive instruction here on the Bartlesville campus of Oklahoma Wesleyan University. Reading assignments, reports, and tests are available several weeks before the on-campus intensive course.

“There is no better investment of time and money than OKWU’S Applied Bioethics program. I was challenged and stretched in new ways as I became better equipped to defend the unborn. The small, intimate structure of the program allowed for thoughtful discussions within an amazing community of instructors and peers.” – Beckie Perez (National Maternity Housing Coalition)

Steps to Apply

Step 1. Fill out an Application today Apply Now

Step 2. You will be contacted by an OKWU Admissions representative soon.

Step 3. When you complete the required information, you will be directed to an online payment option.

Step 4. We will see you this summer as you prepare to make an Impact for Life!

For More Information

To learn more or enroll, contact OKWU Admissions at (866) 225-6598 or by email:

Tuition and Costs

$250 per credit hour or $1,500 per summer.
Earn your entire certification for $3,000 (4 courses)


Presenting the case for life.

Phase Two Plans: B.S. Applied Bioethics

Oklahoma Wesleyan University is also studying the feasibility of a B.S. degree in Applied Bioethics that will prepare students for vocational work in pro-life apologetics, political consulting, or for an executive role in the growing pregnancy help center and medical clinic movement.

More information about this degree will be available soon.

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