Summer 2017

APOL2123 Foundations of Life Training – July 10-14, 2017

Foundations of Life Training explores the biblical foundations for cherishing and defending innocent human life. Students will examine the biblical concepts of the sanctity of human life, human rights, bloodguilt, direct intervention and social reformation, seeking to understand our obligations in the broader context of the propagation of the gospel. (3.0 credit hours). Instructor: John Ensor.

BUSI4283 Non-profit Organization – July 17-21, 2017

Non-Profit Organization, Development, and Management guides participants through the legal and practical implications of working in a 501c(3) or (4) organization, learning about structure effective means of developing financial, volunteer, and prayer support, how to manage staff and volunteers, and how to market the vision of the organization. (3.0 credit hours). Instructor: Dr. Wendell Weaver

Registration Deadlines: May 1, 2017

Please Note: Pre-reading assignments and materials are available starting May 15, 2017.

Courses end August 6, 2017. All coursework and assignments must be submitted before this date. Individual course due dates and requirements are provided in the course syllabus.

(Late Registration through June 16, 2017 – $50 Late Fee)


The following courses are a part of the program but are NOT offered this summer:

PHIL3773 Ethics of Abortion

Ethics of Abortion introduces and evaluates the relevant arguments on both sides of the issue, enabling participants to anticipate and understand the arguments of abortion choice advocates, and make a solid case for life based on philosophical analysis and scientific evidence. (3.0 credit hours). Instructor: Scott Klusendorf

COMM1833 Public Speaking

Public Speaking combines effective communication theory with practical application. Students will be able to analyze an audience, construct presentations according to the audience composition and the speaker’s goals, develop solid delivery skills, and appropriately use visual support. (3.0 credit hours). Instructor: Dr. Marc Newman