If you don’t already know, you can tell our site met the perfect storm and went into the abyss of cyberspace.

But we are back and forging ahead into new territory. Like a galaxy far, far away…

But just like Luke Skywalker needed Hans, Chewy and the Princess… we also have had to recruit a talented but maybe somewhat crazy team of folks working with us to come back in a new and epic new way.

And yes, this does mean we are cautiously looking forward to Star Wars VII

But back to our newly created team… they have already been hard at work behind the scenes (see Ethan and his friend “Bob” at work) You will want to check back often to see the new updates and features they are adding.

So time to meet some of the team helping us break new ground in the web world for OKWU

First up are a few of our super talented Communications/Media Arts & Design Strategy students. They are jumping right into the project and becoming an essential part of this team. They are working on new banner designs, template coding, recreating content, a new Athletics section, and more.

Meet some of our team: