This week is often set aside to reflect and share the many things we are thankful for and the blessings that we know that God has bestowed. We have been posting here about our website crash and “disaster”. 

But we certainly know it’s not really on the scale of a true “disaster”.

Margaret Manning, in her post for Ravi Zacharias‘ ministry, Hard Wrought Thanks, says “Wars and rumors of wars terrorize so many, and it is a wonder that it is even possible to give thanks for anything. Yet, to hear others giving thanks—particularly from those who struggle in circumstances where we would be stretched to find any reason for praise—always lends itself to beauty and indicates a gratefulness that transcends material bounty and benefit.”

Our challenges are small, but we are thankful. Our lives our blessed, but we are thankful. Some of us have intense struggles, but we are thankful!

We are taking the opportunity of Thanksgiving week to share from the hearts of our faculty, staff and administration thoughts, scriptures and more that express the gratefulness we feel each and every day here at OKWU! 

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