ICYMI [translation: In Case You Missed It]….

…our website did crash this past month. It was the perfect storm — not caused by Hurricane Sandy — but a disaster nonetheless. We were down and out and momentarily off the grid. But just ever so briefly. With the help of our great web team partners, Elevator Up, along with our amazing Media and Graphic Design lead faculty, David Cochran and his students, we rose from the ashes.

Dealing with the reality of starting over, we have decided to build our site a little differently. It’s definitely going to be a process. We restarted with OKWU “mini” … but it’s just the beginning … you’ll want to check back and join us in this process. As we create a new web site that will be more about creating a community [cause that’s what OKWU really is all about]. Expect us to ask you to help out on occasion.

We’ll let Ethan tell you what happened and well, you’ll just have to watch….

OKWU “mini” site gets help! from Oklahoma Wesleyan University on Vimeo.