Urban Tulsa Weekly named Oklahoma Wesleyan University Adult and Graduate Studies (AGS) student, Reverend Mike Goolsbay, one of the Hot 100 of the Class of 2013.  The January announcement applauded Goolsbay for leading Destiny ChurchMike Goolsbay (Broken Arrow, OK) out of “$6.7 million in debt and a wrongful death lawsuit….and now leading it through a long-term expansion project—and paying cash for it.”

The Hot 100 list features both up-and-coming and established citizens who are making their mark on Tulsa metro.  The “Class of 2013” includes oil executives, entrepreneurs, engineers, restaurateurs, politicians, students, performers, lawyers, and ministers—to name a few—like Mike Goolsbay.

Goolsbay was appointed senior pastor from the assistant position at Destiny Church in 2005.  With a pastoral resignation in fresh memory and the Church in dire straights financially, Goolsbay and his team faced the overwhelming task of bringing Destiny back into the black.

“Looking back I was terrified,” said Goolsbay about his promotion.  He said the main challenges in rebuilding Destiny Church were “rebuilding trust, lives, and relationships.”  But with God’s help, Goolsbay and his Church team were able to resuscitate Destiny and set it on a path towards growth.

In the long-term, that growth will include “finishing off our campus, including facilities from youngest to oldest members,” said Goolsbay.  So far, Destiny has completed 40,000 square feet of renovations and has about another 30,000 to go.

Oklahoma Wesleyan University had a hand in Destiny’s rebirth through Reverand Goolsbay’s education.  Originally holding an elementary physical education degree, Goolsbay later earned a BSBA (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration), attended Bible school, and is now studying for a MBA (Masters of Business Administration) at Oklahoma Wesleyan 

Goolsbay related the importance of “having assistance to grow inside of a belief system that matches mine…compelling faculty…and a thorough course curriculum” as benefits to his time at OKWU.

For more information about Destiny Church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, visit www.destinychurch.com.  Read the full version of the Tulsa Urban Weekly Top 100 List at www.urbantulsa.com.