submitted by Anlan Cheney

Rev. Chris Conrad, Wesleyan Church District Superintendent of West Michigan, will present a chapel series Wednesday, Feb. 6th and Friday, Feb 8th starting at 10:10am both days.

Conrad’s background in the Wesleyan Church began in the Pacific Northwest District where he grew up in Skyline Wesleyan Church.  The Reverend is also a successful church planter and has been involved in launches in Arizona, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.   In fact, before his election to District Superintendent in 2010, Conrad served on the Department of Evangelism and Church Growth at The Wesleyan World Headquarters in 2006.

Conrad’s messages will focus on the Bible’s Mark 5, in which Jesus heals a man filled with demons, and on a portion of the book of Daniel.  Conrad said he hopes his messages will cause students to recognize “the calling, the responsibility, and the incredible privilege we have to share Jesus with people who are very different from us. 

In addition, said Conrad, “I think what students will take away from [Friday’s] message is the incredible power that is unlocked through their choices.  Often we live as if so much of life is already decided for us…I’m praying the students will leave chapel with a clearer sense than ever before that their decisions truly matter and will make a huge difference in their lives.”

Conrad says he is privileged to return to OKWU for the sixth year in a row.  “I am truly humbled by that…It is an incredible honor for me to come each year,” he said. 

Conrad resides with his wife, Mary, and two daughters, Juliya and Nataliya, in Michigan.  Aside from speaking in numerous seminars around the country, Conrad has also authored three books about evangelism and church growth. 

Chapes is open to the public and begins at 10:10 a.m. CT on Wednesdays and Fridays in the Lyon Chapel & Fine Arts Center on the Oklahoma Wesleyan University campus in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  For more information: 918-333-6151 or