Next week from June 9-14th Oklahoma Wesleyan University will be hosting a Worldview Academy Camp for high school students. Worldview Camp is not the ordinary summer camp. At Worldview Camp, students will be trained and equipped to understand and apply their faith in Jesus Christ.

This training could not come at a more crucial time. Our students must only drive down the highway, turn on the television or open their laptops to be bombarded with images, and arguments trying to convince them of some theology, philosophy or worldview. As Christians, it is important for them to know what they believe and why, so they are able to think critically, engage in these conversations, stand up for the gospel. This is why Worldview Academy was formed in 1996. Since then, Worldview has hosted over 27,000 students at events, and has established 238 camps, which boast an average attendance of 2,300 each summer.

If you would like more information about the Worldview Camp held at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, or would like to be on the waiting list to attend camp, please visit

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