The importance of nurses is obvious to anyone who has ever spent any time in a hospital or healthcare facility.  Nurses have unique opportunities to serve individuals, families and communities. They serve people when they are at their very lowest and most hopeless. We believe that nursing is not only a career, but it is also a calling. As Mary Elizabeth O’Brien writes, “Often it is uniquely the nurse, standing either literally or figuratively at the bedside, who has the opportunity and the entrée to interact with patients on the spiritual level where they strive to create, love, question, contemplate, and transcend. Here, truly, the nurse is standing on holy ground.”

Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s nursing program seeks to equip our students with the skills that they need to be the literal hands and feet of Jesus to their patients, their patients’ families, and their co-workers. When our students graduate, they will know how to handle a myriad of possible situations, even situations that conflict with their faith. Our curriculum emphasizes the four pillars of the university- the primacy of Jesus Christ, the priority of scripture, the pursuit of truth and the practice of wisdom.

The Oklahoma Wesleyan University nursing program does not only provide opportunities for students to strengthen their faith, but also an environment that is conducive for learning the material and gaining the necessary skills. Our professors love and support our students, and are dedicated to helping them succeed.

Becky LeOur test scores are proof. Our students score in the 90th percentile in the nation on the ATI tests and Predictor tests. And since admitting our first class of nurses in 2005, we have only improved. Leading OKWU’s nursing program into its promising future is the school’s dean, Becky Le.

Becky Le joined the faculty in 2006 when she was working on her masters. She took a brief break to work on her doctorate, and has returned to serve as dean. During her time serving as dean, the school of nursing has received the maximum amount of duration of approval from the Oklahoma Board of Nursing, and accreditation of the BSN degree from the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education.

Oklahoma Wesleyan University is thankful for her leadership. She is dedicated to making sure her graduates are ready for their futures, and as the dean, she works hard to ensure clinical spots in the surrounding areas. With Becky Le at the helm, and the support of our dedicated professors and faculty, Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s nursing program is headed towards a bright future.