In today’s competitive workforce standing out among the crowd is imperative to success. Earning a master’s degree has become an essential step in that process. In response to this educational need for advanced degrees, Oklahoma Wesleyan University has added three new master’s programs, which include Master of Art in Theology & Apologetics, Master of Science in Strategic Leadership and Master of Science in Nursing.

The programs are conveniently offered in Bartlesville, Tulsa and online.


Master of Art in Theology & Apologetics:

The new Theology & Apologetics program is designed to help students from all academic backgrounds learn how to contend their faith and understand contemporary Christian issues. The program is built around the Four Pillars of OKWU, which include The Primacy of Jesus Christ, The Priority of Scripture, The Pursuit of Truth, and The Practice of Wisdom.

“Specifically, students will learn the coherence of Christian doctrine and how to correct common misconceptions and answer with logic and facts as they face the toughest challenges to the Christian faith,” Dr. Devon Smith said.

Such topics include the existence of God, the challenges to the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus, how to study the Bible, combating pluralism with truth and how to live a holy life will be covered throughout the duration of the program.

“While the target of this program is to develop Christian Theologians and apologists, the ultimate goal is to train and equip Christians to know why they believe what they believe,” Smith explained. “Our students will be challenged, but they will grow closer in fellowship and devotion to Christ.”

The MA in Theology & Apologetics is particularly enriched by the connection to the Josh McDowell Institute of Apologetics already established at Oklahoma Wesleyan.

Students will have the opportunity to take part in the annual Apologetics Conference in person, by podcast or live stream. It is likely students will have the opportunity to learn from some of the most renowned apologists such as Josh McDowell, William Lane Craig and Abdu Murray.


Master of Science in Nursing:

The new Nursing program is designed for experienced nurses who are seeking roles that require advanced skills in order to function as providers and organizers of the health care delivery process or as faculty members in a nursing education program.

The program is split into two tracks, nursing administration and nursing education. Within the education track, the student will focus on the transformation of nursing education as it relates to student learning strategies, teaching techniques, clinical facilitation, patient simulation, NCLEX success, and the accreditation process. Within the nursing administration track, the student will focus on analyzing leadership roles, strengthening their decision-making process, develop strategic planning techniques, team building, motivation, mediation, negotiation, and conflict management in addition to personnel issues, finance issues and operation issues at the executive level.

“Graduates of this program are emergent leaders who will make a positive impact on both current and future healthcare organizations and university academic settings,” Becky Le, Dean and Assistant Professor of Nursing said.

“Our mission sets us apart as we seek to serve God in everything we do. Faculty and students come together while ministering to each other and those we touch. Regardless of the track chosen, our program is making a difference one patient, one family, one community at a time.”

Master of Science in Strategic Leadership:

Every organization needs intelligent and creative leaders. Those who wish to stand out within the crowd need to develop the best leadership theories and practices. The new Strategic Leadership program is designed to do just that. Housed within the Chesapeake Energy School of Business, this subject of study is one of the fastest growing academic areas with many major universities offering similar degrees.

“Leadership is earned. It has always been this way and of course, will continue to be the reality,” Dr. Brian Epperson, Assistant Professor of Business said. “The program is designed to provide students with cutting-edge business management practices and principles that will help foster greater success in each of their respective leadership and managerial careers. The program will provide professionals an opportunity to be exposed to foundational business principles, critical understanding and the theoretical framework required to effectively and strategically lead and manage organizations.”

The Strategic Leadership program provides an alternative to the MBA for individuals who are interested in strengthening teir managerial skills without the requirement of finance and quantitative analysis. This degree is targeted toward aspiring managers, athletic coaches, school administrators, pastoral staff, nonprofit leaders and the list goes on.

Enrollment is now open for all masters programs and classes will begin this fall.

To review program descriptions, admission requirements and how to apply visit www.okwu.edu

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