“‘In the beginning was Diversity. And Diversity was with God, and Diversity was God. Without Diversity was nothing made that was made. And it came to pass that nasty old orthodox people narrowed down Diversity and finally squeezed it out, dismissing it as heresy. But in the fullness of time (which is, of course, our time), Diversity rose up and smote orthodoxy hip and thigh. Now, praise be, the only heresy is orthodoxy!” As widely and unthinkingly accepted as this reconstruction is, it is historical nonsense: The emperor has no clothes.” D.A. Carson

Nonsense indeed, and nakedness as well: Just turn on the nightly news and you’ll see it.

You will see our emperor Diversity strutting the streets. You will watch as he gavottes with confidence across our cultural stage “smiting orthodoxy hip and thigh.” You will see our cultural king dismiss his detractors – those “nasty old orthodox people” – as heretics and enemies; Enemies of “acceptable thinking,” enemies of society, enemies of sex, enemies of the State: Heretics because they believe in heresy, anti-sex because they believe in sex within marriage, purveyors of nonsense because they believe in common sense.

Delusion reigns in the mind of king Diversity. He demands tolerance while declaring he will not tolerate the intolerant. He requires openness of mind but closes his to all who disagree. Lord Diversity, after all, says it is true that nothing is true. He knows nothing can be known, he is sure that nothing is sure, and he is absolutely confident that no one can have confidence in absolutes.

Diversity champions freedom for all except for all who refuse to subjugate themselves to him. He hates hate and he especially hates those whom he finds hateful. Diversity believes there is no God because he believes he is god. In his moral obesity he struts as if he is fit. His vision is clouded but he condemns those who can see as if they were blind. He is thirsty but refuses water. He is shameless while shaming those who still feel shame. “Evil is good, and good is evil; darkness is light, and light is darkness; bitter is sweet, and sweet is bitter! The truth is exchanged for a lie…” Indeed the “only heresy” for our sovereign Diversity is “orthodoxy.”

All hail Diversity, our naked King! Let us gaze upon him in all of his nonsensical nudity! Watch him and watch his parade. See his entourage of postmodern pedagogues and prelates fawn at his heals. Observe as his contingent of academic elites and political puppets praise his moral and intellectual bareness as if he were wearing the finest suit crafted out of the priceless threads of “tolerance and inclusion.” Watch the lemmings follow after each other with no thought of the cliff that lies ahead. Watch the children of Hamelin join in obedient single file after the Pied Piper. Stand and look as Hitler’s Jews unknowingly board trains bound for Auschwitz.

Intellectual drivel and moral nakedness? Indeed! D.A. Carson is spot on: “As widely and unthinkingly accepted as this [thoughtless worship of Diversity] is, it is… nonsense: The emperor has no clothes!” And some of us better start saying so before our entire culture mindlessly marches off in this parody of a parade straight to the precipice of our own demise.

“The folly of fools is deception… There is a way that seems right unto man, but the end, thereof, leads unto death.” Proverbs 14

Talking Points With President Piper is a weekly column featured in the Examiner-Enterprise newspaper. In addition to serving as the Oklahoma Wesleyan President, Dr. Everett Piper is also a frequent guest commentator on a variety of talk radio programs across the nation, as well as a published author and essayist.