Karpus George Karpus, Chief Investment Strategist for the Karpus Investment Management company in Pittsford, NY, gave a special business presentation to a group of Oklahoma Wesleyan students Friday morning in the Keating Center.

Karpus spoke about his humble upbringing and how he rose out of adversity to create a 2.8 billion dollar company.

“My father was only educated through the sixth grade,” Karpus told the audience. “And my mother studied up until high school. They both were factory workers.”

Karpus touched on many business practices topics during his presentation; from treating every employee equally to brainstorming as a group.

“When hiring for your company, first hire where you’re weak,” Karpus said. “Understand your previous work experience and define the mission of what you’re going to do.”

Going into his 47th year in the investment business, Karpus is always developing new strategies on how to make his business even more successful.

“For a long time I’d wake up at 3 a.m. and just write down ideas,” Karpus said. “That’s when the best business plans were developed.”

One of Karpus’ key points to the Friday audience was the importance of good employees.

“Employees are like gold,” he said. “Accommodating employees’ needs and keeping good employees is important.”

For Karpus, his favorite type of employee is the one who sticks with a company and has loyalty.

“I look for people who will stick with something,” he explained. “If you’ve had 5 jobs in 10 years and changed majors several times in college I will not look to hire you.”

In the end, Karpus attributes his success to staying morally on track.

“I won’t sacrifice my principles, although it would have been a lot easier.”

Students engaged in a question and answer session following the presentation. OKWU continues to help current student and alumnus succeed both in and outside the classroom. To learn about any upcoming guest speakers or events visit HERE.