Oklahoma Wesleyan’s faculty members are repeatedly recognized for their excellence in the classroom.

Kyle White
Kyle White is a professor of psychology and the Vice President of Student Development at OKWU.

“Our faculty are consistently ranked among the nation’s best because they are not only committed to their disciplines but to their students and to our mission,” Dr. Everett Piper, OKWU President said. “Scholarship to OKWU faculty is more than mastering content. It is modeling Christ.”

Most recently, Best Colleges listed Oklahoma Wesleyan at the top of its Colleges With the Best Professors 2015 list.

“Oklahoma Wesleyan University has a wide range of highly rated professors, particularly for students in the fields of science, mathematics, and psychology. Some of its most popular and highly sought after professors include the likes of Professor White and Professor Wilson, two of its premiere teachers in the field of psychology,” the site reads.

White is a professor of psychology and also serves as the Vice President for Student Life at OKWU. Dr. Wilson previously taught at Oklahoma Wesleyan, but is now Co-Owner of Wilson Psychological Associates in Bartlesville. During his time at OKWU Dr. Wilson earned the Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year.

Oklahoma Wesleyan continues to provide its students with top-tier instructors. In previous years, OKWU has also founds itself on the top of CBS Money Watch’s Best Professors list. OKWU professors were ranked number on in the nation – ahead of the faculty of all other colleges and universities for the past four straight years.