Zack Michel, Oklahoma Wesleyan University School of Education 2013 graduate, was recently named Bartlesville Public School District’s Rising Star teacher.

Michel teaches ninth grade Oklahoma history and financial literacy at Bartlesville Mid-High School. The award was created by the Teacher Recognition Committee and recognizes teachers that are new to the profession who possess exemplary skills. As part of the award, Michel received a plaque and a cash prize. Zack Michel, Rising Star Teacher of the Year

Upon graduating from OKWU, Michel first joined the BPSD in 2013 and taught social studies.

“I am very proud of the students that are graduating from OKWU’s teacher preparation program,” Dean of School of Education, Jeff Keeney said. “The School of Education continues to produce top tier teachers by providing them with outstanding faculty and the ability to participate in real life classroom settings during their freshman year continuing throughout their program of study. This allows students to align practical experiences with educational theory and knowledge as they develop their ability to be an effective educator.”

Two other OKWU School of Education graduates were nominated in this category as well. Lindsey Denison, a third grade teacher at Kane Elementary and Briana Miller, a 7th grade teacher at Madison Middle school were recognized as nominees.

Michel, Denison and Miller are all currently enrolled in Oklahoma Wesleyan’s Master’s of Education program as well.

“It is such an honor to be recognized by your peers for excellence in the classroom,” M.Ed Director Keri Bostwick said. “It is also an honor to know your educators are reaching the students and teachers with the love of Jesus Christ. OKWU prepares students for excellence in the classroom through meaningful experiences, intentional actives, and a direct focus on Jesus as a teacher. The OKWU M.Ed. program was well-represented in BSPD’s Rising Star representatives. Congratulations to Zack, Lindsey, and Brie.”