Yesterday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit ruled against Oklahoma Wesleyan’s challenge of the Affordable Care Act, especially relating to the contraception mandate. Dr. Piper responded with the following statement to the press:

“We see this ruling as an arrogant disregard for women. It is condescending and anti-choice. The federal government is literally telling the 70 year old nuns at the Little Sisters of the Poor, as well as all the female employees of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, that they are not intelligent enough to choose what contraception should or should not be included in their health insurance. This government is also suggesting that these same women don’t understand the basic tenants of their faith well enough to make personal decisions concerning reproductive health. How can we stand for such disrespect for women?  At OKWU, we hold our female employees in much higher regard than this and we will continue to fight any government hubris to the contrary.  Any government that is this cavalier in its disrespect of religious freedom is, likewise, a government that disrespects the Constitution and the women it is intended to protect.”