Kelly Monroe KullbergKelly Monroe Kullberg, founder of Veritas Forum at Harvard, will be a keynote speaker during the 2015 Liberty Symposium at Oklahoma Wesleyan University. Along with serving as a Religious Liberty panelist, Kullberg is the featured speaker for a dinner at the Tulsa Summit Club on Tuesday, September 15th. The dinner and discussion will focus on religious liberty issues in universities.

Ms. Kullberg is the editor and co-author of Finding God at Harvard and the author of Finding God Beyond Harvard: The Quest for Veritas. She founded the Veritas Forum at Harvard in 1992, and it has grown to include forums at 120 different major universities in America and Europe. The Veritas Forum helps students explore the hard questions of the world in relation to Jesus Christ. Today, Kelly is a Senior Fellow with the Acton Institute and acting president of Christians for a Sustainable Economy. She resides in Columbus, Ohio.

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