This past summer, the world changed. We all awoke this September in a totally different time and place than the one we lived in just a few short months earlier; a world where the Supreme Court can’t find the definition of marriage in the dictionary and where the church can’t find the definition of morality in the Bible; a world where our colleges can’t find the definition of much of anything in the classroom; a world where those who wave the banner of feminism tell females they no longer have the right to their own bathrooms or even their own pronouns; a world where those waving the banner of tolerance tell women offended by this they will not be tolerated; a world where the wall separating the church from the state is breached by a state that has decided to redefine a sacrament of the church; a world where our president remains free while he refuses to enforce the law known as DOMA; a world where a Kentucky clerk goes to jail for enforcing that same law.

Yes, the world has changed but in the midst of all this, Oklahoma Wesleyan University grows.

This week we boast of record enrollment of nearly 1,700 students. We celebrate national recognition in multiple sports such as baseball, soccer and golf. We enjoy top-tier recognition from the likes of U.S. News and World Report, Forbes.Com and Our faculty are excellent and our reputation is stellar.

OKWU has been featured in media outlets across the nation. From Tulsa to Los Angeles and from Dallas to New York, Oklahoma Wesleyan’s voice has been heard. We have been invited to speak on FOX News’ O’Reilly Factor, the Family Research Council’s Washington Watch and Bill Bennett’s Morning in America. In recent months, OKWU has been featured on David Barton’s Wall Builders Radio, the Bott Radio Network, the World Congress on Families, the Catholic Channel, WORLD Magazine and on the Hugh Hewitt, Kevin McCullough and Sam Sorbo daily talk shows.

Why do thought leaders on the East and West coasts care about a small Christian university in Bartlesville? Why are we growing in numbers and influence?

Perhaps it is because we are clear and bold when others are not. Perhaps it is because we have conviction when others do not. Perhaps it is because we stand for something. Perhaps it is because we hold fast to natural law, common sense and God’s revelation. Maybe it is because we believe in the dignity of the human being and defend the value of human freedom.

At a time when our culture seems to be rushing mindlessly like lemmings over a cliff to dumb down human identity to nothing but the sum total of personal inclinations, proclivities and appetites, OKWU refuses to do so. Maybe we are growing because at Oklahoma Wesleyan we elevate the human being to the highest standard rather than diminish him and her to the lowest common denominator.

At Oklahoma Wesleyan University, we teach that men and women are created in the image of God and that we are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights. Among them are life (defined by God and not Planned Parenthood), liberty (given by God and not Government), and freedom (sanctioned by God and not man) to pursue happiness rather than be held hapless to the consequences of our own sin or that of others.

Chesterton once said, “I always like a dog, so long as he isn’t spelled backwards” and in this quip he reminded us that when we “reverse the spelling” of God’s self-evident truth and thereby choose to make good evil and evil good, we are choosing to worship the created rather than the Creator and, in this act of dyslectic hubris, we are cursed to live life “backwards” and upside-down.

At Oklahoma Wesleyan, we boldly teach that human beings are in fact the imago dei — the image of God — not the image of a dog. We believe the truth of God is written on every human heart and unlike the animal we have responsibility to choose rightly because we know what is right. Could it be possible that this is why OKWU grows?