Last Monday, our federal government once again demonstrated its bold-faced disdain for women by telling a Chicago area school that its female students not only do not have the right to their own sports teams any longer, but they do not even have the right to their own locker rooms. In the case of the Illinois Township High School 211, our esteemed Office of Civil Rights along with its venerable co-conspirator, the United States Department of Education, ruled, on November 2, that any teenage boy who says he is a female must be allowed to shower with teenage girls who actually are females.

So, just to be clear, under the guise of Title IX (a law established to give girls equal access to athletics in our schools) the Solomon-like sages in our DOE are now telling girls that boys have equal access to their sports, to their bathrooms, to their locker rooms and to their showers.

Now I ask you this, what could possibility be more misogynistic? What could be more anti-woman than to ignore the empirically obvious facts of female identity and to tell young women that they don’t even exist biologically and that if a boy, (despite bearing the distinct male physiology known as a penis and testicles), says he is a woman, that this makes it so?

Can’t we all agree that this is nonsense‽ It literally denies our senses. It denies science and denies the evidence. This trans-misogyny literally says, “I want to live in a fairytale. I want to pretend.” It’s a make-believe fantasy where illusion is more important than reality; the trick is more important than the real. It’s a delusion and it demeans a woman to nothing but a subjective construct, for if anyone can just construct female identity out of thin air, then actually being a female means nothing because women don’t even objectively exist. A female becomes nothing more than a unicorn or leprechaun – a fantasy, a feeling, a fabrication, rather than a fact. Surely any thoughtful person can recognize the absurdity of claiming feminism while denying the objective reality of the female.

This is mindless, thoughtless, illogical, misogynistic pabulum. A male choosing to “identify” as a female makes him no more a woman than a man “identifying” as an amputee makes him armless. Feelings are not the stuff of science nor do fantasies change the facts. If a young teenager suddenly proclaims that he “feels” as if he is blind, does that mean that’s “who he is?” Hopefully we all have enough respect left for the obvious, for common sense, for natural law, for empirical evidence and for biology, physiology and psychology to understand that if anyone is so disturbed as to pretend he has no arms or has no eyes (when he in fact does) that we should not celebrate his “identity,” but recognize him as delusional—warranting not affirmation and accommodation, but rather, confrontation and proper care.

Imagination does not make a man a woman and it is insulting to every woman to suggest otherwise. Ignoring my genitals makes me no more a woman than ignoring my hair makes me Yul Brynner.