Senator Lankford
Senator Lankford

Oklahoma Wesleyan President, Dr. Everett Piper, will be a special guest of Senator James Lankford at President Obama’s final State of the Union Address in Washington, D.C. “It is my honor to have Dr. Everett Piper as my guest…Oklahoma Wesleyan University is a leader in the national struggle to protect the constitutional right of religious liberty in the United States” said Lankford in a recent press release.

The State of the Union takes place in the midst of news on Oklahoma Wesleyan’s Supreme Court case—one of seven—challenging the Obama administration’s abortion-pill mandate and accommodation. OKWU joins five other Christian Colleges in their case, along with Little Sisters of the Poor, all represented by Alliance Defending Freedom.

“The reason for our lawsuit is simple and clear,” said Dr. Piper. “Under the guise of Obamacare, the Obama administration claims it has the right to require Oklahoma Wesleyan to include the provision of abortifacient drugs in its employee health insurance package. This is a requirement that we view as immoral and untenable. It is a compromise of our First Amendment rights that we are not willing to accept.”

Continuing his statement, Dr. Piper emphasized, “We view this as the federal government telling OKWU’s female employees that they don’t understand the basic tenets of their faith well enough to make personal decisions concerning reproductive health,” Piper continued.

In light of Senator Lankford’s invitation, Dr. Piper recently shared that he was looking forward to the event. “The State of the Union is an opportunity for the United States to declare who it is and what our strengths and weaknesses are…I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to be part of this great tradition.”