Everett Piper, President
May 9, 2016

The University of Utah announced this past March that it would award an honorary degree during its upcoming May commencement ceremonies to philanthropist Lynette Nielsen Gay. Gay is the founder of Engage Now Africa and the Ensign College of Public Health in Kpong, Ghana. Her biography also includes leadership roles in organizations such as Choice Humanitarian, Southern Virginia University, Family Watch International and the World Congress of Families (WCF).

Since the announcement, however, the University has chosen to edit Gay’s resume on its website and expunge any references to the WCF from her list of accolades. Why has the University done this? Well, it appears that WCF has been cited by two of the nation’s most well-funded pro-LGBTQ advocacy groups: the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), as a “hate group.”

Let me remind you that the World Congress of Families grounds its mission and all its corresponding work in four simple values: First, the natural family is the “fundamental unit of society” and the foundation of all civilization; Second, all children have the right to be raised by a loving mother and father within the protection of such a family; Third, all human life is sacred from conception to natural completion; and Fourth, history has proven repeatedly that religious freedom is essential to a flourishing family and a free society. All four of these missional priorities are things that most all thinking people affirm and in fact all four are even asserted by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

So why do the SPLC and the HRC label an organization that does such good and stands for such goodness a “hate group?” Why the attack? Why the vitriol?

It appears their objection is twofold: First, the WCF affirms the apparently deplorable notion that the time-tested, traditional father-mother model of marriage is best for women, best for children, and best for culture; and second, every child— once conceived—has the right to live. Thus, it appears that it is for these “egregious sins” of love: i.e. loving children, loving women, loving life, and loving the family, that the SPLC and HRC have presumed to brand the scarlet letter “H” on the foreheads and websites of both the WCF and on Ms. Neilson Gay.

Here again, we see the delusion of what M. Scott Peck called the “diabolical human mind,” where he warned that if we lie to ourselves long enough, we will, indeed, start to believe our own lies. We see duplicity personified. Under the banner of amorality, we call those who stand for morality immoral. We hate under the flag of anti-hate. We condemn the “sin” of condemning sin. We cannot tolerate anyone who is intolerant. We bully while decrying bullying. We exclude in the name of inclusion. We dumb down the definition of the human being while arguing for human rights. We pretend to be pro-woman while taking away a woman’s dignity, her privacy and even her own toilet. We call “evil good and good evil, darkness light and light darkness, bitter sweet and sweet bitter.” We exchange the “truth for a lie…” and we actually think it makes sense to demand that a university proclaim that it is loving when gays say they hate Lynette Nielsen Gay’s love.