The Supreme Court has issued a ruling on Zubik v. Burwell, which includes Oklahoma Wesleyan’s case against the “contraception mandate” of the Affordable Care Act. The Court chose to vacate previous judgements, a step in the right direction, says Dr. Piper:

The Supreme Court has unanimously recognized what we’ve contended all along and what the government finally admitted in its latest statement to the Court: There are numerous ways for the government to make these objectionable drugs available to the public without hijacking the health insurance of faithful Christians to do so. There is absolutely no good reason for the Obama administration and Department of Health and Human Services to ignore the religious convictions of our female employees and our university by forcing us to participate in the provision of abortifacients under our health care plan. By vacating the lower court decision and remanding the case back to the 10th Circuit, the Supreme Court is essentially conceding our point and instructing the government to work this dispute out without trampling on the first amendment rights of OKWU and the other plaintiffs.

Pray that the 10th Circuit hears this message loud and clear.

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