May 24, 2016  – Bartlesville, OK

Today, Dr. Piper gave the following statement discussing Oklahoma’s SB 1552 and SB 1619 at a press conference on the campus of Oklahoma Wesleyan.


I—and more than 30 different church leaders from the Christian Liberty Leadership Forum here at Oklahoma Wesleyan University—want to thank the Oklahoma legislature for its focus on fiscal integrity. Passing an honest budget that is balanced and anchored in reality is one of the most important obligations you have in serving the people of this state.  We are thankful for your work.  It is commendable and we are grateful.

Integrity, honesty, and reality, however, are not relegated to the financial sphere of life. Economic life cannot and should not be separated from the ethical life and visa versa. As has been said: if a culture doesn’t get its morality right, it will never get its money right, and we subscribe to this wisdom.

In this spirit, we call upon the Oklahoma legislature to not consider its job done until it attends to some of our most pressing social issues with the same diligence that it has attended to our state’s budget.

More specifically, we ask that those whom we have elected to serve the people of Oklahoma, now listen to the people’s voice. Listen to Oklahoma’s women whose dignity should be respected, and listen to Oklahoma’s children – our youngest and most vulnerable – whose lives should be protected.

How can we possibly claim to be serving the rights of all Oklahomans while denying women their basic right to their own bathroom and toilet?  How can we possibly claim to be serving the rights of all of Oklahoma’s children while denying our very youngest their basic right to even live?

Oklahomans believe in justice: justice for all women, justice for all children, justice for all – and we now ask that our legislators to do their jobs and represent all of us accordingly.  Surely our government must agree that, by any measurement of justice, it is nothing short of unjust to deny Oklahoma children their right to live and to deny Oklahoma women their right to their own lavatory.

We, hereby call upon those we have elected to override the governor’s veto of SB 1552 – a bill that merely protects every child’s right to life – and we, likewise, call for a vote in favor of SB 1619 – a bill that simply protects every woman’s right to privacy.

We expect our legislature and our governor to honor the dignity of the female and protect the life of the vulnerable.  Integrity, honesty and reality demands they do nothing less.