48224376963051.USWlSkfGs1faa4MLgJhU_height640OKWU alum, Elizabeth “Liz” Stowell, graduated in 2014, and quickly found her place as a Digital Analytics intern at “the happiest place on earth”. As marketing major and student leader of OKWU’s Orange Movement, Liz’s time at Oklahoma Wesleyan impacted her success at Disney greatly:

“OKWU helped me build a foundation that has been vital to my success in Florida…it’s made me who I am today. In 3 ½ years, I learned a lot about myself and grew a lot as a person. I developed confidence in my skill and a desire to learn that has allowed me to enter a new industry.”

After researching The Walt Disney Company, Stowell was intrigued by the perspective of interning there and applied for several positions. “I first applied in September and didn’t hear back from anyone for a month,” she recalls. “By that point, I had basically forgotten about applying so I was surprised when I got the email requesting to set up a time for a phone interview.” Following a very vigorous interview process including phone interviews with several staff members and an interview the day before her graduation, Stowell was offered the data analytics internship.

As a digital analytic team member, she had many responsibilities. Her main job was a weekly or monthly report for different campaigns, which then went to business partners of Disney. Stowell was also a part of a team responsible for, “providing data and insights into the traffic and commerce related to parks and resorts digital spaces including web and apps.”

48224376963047.dC5SASZoRzfaLwbRUv46_height640Because of solid leadership, Stowell shared that her internship was a powerful learning experience: “There is a huge learning curve with the type of work that my team does. Sometimes was rough trying to learn it all, but my leaders were great at helping me work through anything I couldn’t figure out. I am never worried about being penalized for not doing something correctly.”

Stowell had an great experience interning with The Walt Disney Company, and it worked out especially well as she was recently hired as an Associate Digital Analyst for Disney!

And of course, when she is not busy at her desk, she loves to go to the parks. “There is so much to see and do on Disney property that I am still not even close having done it all!”

Stowell’s hard work and love for Disney is paying off, and she is excited to call the world’s “happiest place on earth” home.