The numbers are officially in, and Oklahoma Wesleyan University is thrilled to announce another year of record enrollment, including our largest incoming freshman class in history! “Our enrollment at OKWU is a show of support for our people, our mission, and our culture,” said John Means, Executive Vice President, “We continue to focus on a college experience that is impacting our students for the Lordship of Jesus Christ and we are on track to have one of our best years yet!”

During the 2015 year and since, OKWU implemented or approved fifteen new and updated degree programs, such as a Bachelor’s to Master’s Strategic Leadership program, and a three-year option for most bachelor’s degrees. A number of other new programs are under consideration in the next year.

The past year also brought a host of special events for students and the community, from the annual Josh McDowell Institute apologetics conference, to Liberty Week, The inaugural Christian Liberty Leadership Forum, the Dunn Institute for Wesleyan pastors, and more. OKWU also recently partnered with the Family Research Council and sent a group of students to the annual Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. Eagles Athletics has continued building winning programs, starting off the semester with some great wins, and a first-in-school-history #1 national ranking for Men’s Soccer.

OKWU is taking a place on a national stage, and we are blessed to continue living out our mission based on four pillars: the Primacy of Christ, the Priority of Scripture, the Pursuit of Truth, and the Practice of Wisdom.