David Preston, Executive Director
Oklahoma Wesleyan University Foundation

The NCAA’s decision to move seven of its national championship competitions out of North Carolina because the state legislature passed HB-2, a measure mandating that in public facilities, all persons must use multi-occupancy bathrooms and changing facilities that align with their biological sex (that which appears on their birth certificates), means one thing:

The NCAA would rather pander to social justice activists and use financial coercion and extortion to satisfy their demands than express support for tens of millions of concerned parents and others who believe in common decency, modesty, privacy, and safety for the 99+% of men, women, boys and girls who live their lives in accordance with their God-assigned binary sex.

It is shameful and indefensible. That the NCAA seeks to justify its actions by stating it wants to assure its competitions are conducted in places that “promote an inclusive atmosphere for all athletes, coaches, administrators and fans,” is a lie – an exercise in deflection – and it knows it. HB-2 allows private businesses and organizations to make their own facility policies rather than being told by the government what that policy should be.

If the NCAA was being honest, it would have said its competitions should be conducted in places where the unfounded and overhyped cries of the politically-powerful few are allowed to trump the established, time-honored, and God-given rights of the many.

And it should admit that the frightened young women in locker rooms in Washington State and in Minnesota, where menacing and demeaning behavior by men who “identify” as women don’t matter.

In Seattle, after a trans-impostor lingered as a spectator in the girls’ locker room at changing time, supporters of the inclusive locker room bill were relegated to producing signs that said the male intruders should only “Pee, not Peep.” In Minnesota, parents have sued the school district over the gender-inclusive policy that has devastated the poor girls forced to deal with a male “twerking” in their locker room, exposing his (male) underwear, and following them to other shower facilities where they had fled in search of privacy. It will only get worse.

As a Christian, I and tens of millions of others like me, believe God assigns one of two sexes to all men and women created in His image. It is a deeply-held religious belief based on Scripture. Why does the NCAA choose to ignore and trample upon our beliefs but hold fast to the notion that gender identity and fluidity deserves its extraordinary support and inspires it to use its most coercive financial power?

It is not the role of the NCAA to undermine or seek to influence local law-making. Local people make local decisions based on local circumstances. They don’t need a patriarchal, politically one-sided institution to engage in extortion in an attempt to influence their decision-making. Will the NCAA now cease holding competitions in Washington State, offended that the state has ruthlessly and callously deprived an elderly florist of her livelihood and her home for the perceived offense of not arranging flowers for a ceremony that was contrary to her religious convictions? Does persecution of Christians rise to the level where the NCAA would deign to intervene and express its support?

Of course not. That hallowed “inclusive atmosphere” ruse only cuts one way as it passes through Indianapolis.

Does the NCAA have staff combing through all state laws and city ordinances to determine if one or the other could possibly offend the tender and shallow sensibilities of its athletes, coaches, administrators and fans?

Is the NCAA certain no other state has a law on the books (or has refrained from passing a more inclusive anti-discrimination law) that its activist handlers would find offensive to their anti-religious worldview? Will it bypass California now that a group of religious leaders forced its legislators to withdraw their attempt to protect LGBT students from having to live by the campus codes of Christian colleges?

Will the NCAA, having now expressed its strongest possible support for gender identity and fluidity, require its member schools to open all teams to all gender identities and thereby permit males who identify as females (at least for the moment) to engage in NCAA athletic competitions as women?

Of course not. There’s too much money at stake.

This unseemly act of coercion against North Carolina is not meant to express support for all persons who are persecuted by non-inclusive state legislation, administrative enforcement action, or court decision. It is the NCAA doing the dirty work for an activist LGBT terrorist network that seeks, among other things, to drum Christian beliefs and traditional notions of male and female sexuality out of the public square.

The NCAA has a sordid and unseemly history of protecting its right to profit off the labor, talent, personality, and images of the athletes it believes it has the right exploit for its financial gain and benefit. It is a feckless and hypocritical institution.

I have attended my last NCAA national competition and will cease supporting its corporate sponsors. I encourage others to do likewise.