October 10, 2016
Everett Piper, President
Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Let’s cut to the chase: I have been very clear in my previous writing regarding how I feel about the currrent GOP presidential candidate, so please don’t even try to suggest I’m not standing consistently and clearly for Christian virtue. Such a challenge simply won’t hold water. That caveat aside, I simply must say it: The hypocrisy and two-faced duplicity of the progressive Left concerning Donald Trump is, frankly, embarrassingly dishonest, intellectually shallow, and morally vacuous.

Where was their outrage when Bill Clinton used women for recreation and made the words “blow job” and “blue stained dress” part of our national dinner conversation?

Where was their outrage when Hillary Clinton called these women, whom her husband was using as play things, “sluts, whores, trailer-trash and bimbos”?

Where was their outrage when Hollywood and the Washington Beltway mocked the prudishness of those like me who dared suggest a leader’s private life is, indeed, our business and any politician who would use women privately, and then lie about it, should be held accountable publicly?

Where was their outrage when Sports Illustrated decided to make women the object of recreation in its annual swimsuit edition? Where was their outrage the last time they walked by countless newsstands flaunting the commodification of women on cover after cover of nearly every magazine displayed? Where was their outrage when they clicked on their favorite website only to find it saturated with links blatantly using the female body to sell everything from cars and beer to shoes and fast-food? Where was their outrage when they last shopped at Abercrombie and Fitch or Victoria’s Secret or any host of other retailers who profit in pornography?

Where was their outrage when women in North Carolina were insulted time and time again by misogynistic politicians and other delusional demagogues who pretend that a female is not a biological fact but, rather, the fabrication of any dysphoric male who wants to steal a woman’s identity and even take away her right to have her own restroom?

Where was their outrage when President Obama honored rappers and other media elites at the White House who have made their millions degrading women and treating them as objects to be used as sexual chattel?

Where were they when our Supreme Court said that traditional morality doesn’t matter any more and that they – the smart ones – the “brights” – the elites – those who have declared themselves to be as gods – would now tell all the rest of us what is right and wrong and that anyone still mired in the old morality of “good and bad sex” should be sequestered or even sentenced into silence. Where were they when these same judges decided for the entire nation that marriage is no longer an institution that preserves the dignity of women but, instead, is now little more than the celebration of every imaginable sexual act the male libido can contrive?

Where was their outrage?

Dr. Ben Carson recently tweeted “How did ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ sell a gazillion copies if women are so outraged?” His question is painful but appropriate. How can a culture that dishonors women, to the tune of buying 80 million copies of a book that celebrates their sexual bondage, pretend to be alarmed by a man who just said exactly what many have so eagerly indulged for decades?

The hypocrisy is thick.

The duplicity is shameful.