It’s here.

That dreaded time of year that begins with peppermint mochas, cozy giant scarves, twinkling Christmas lights, holiday carols…

…and finals week.

In the interest of helping OKWU’s great students make it through these last days until the freedom of winter break, we wanted to share some helpful “advice” (we use the term loosely) from our top-notch faculty and alumni…

Vice President of Student Development, Kyle White (and probably someone else), perhaps said it best: “I always envision the night before exams a lot like a night before Christmas. Students can’t sleep and yet still hope for a miracle.”

If that’s you, maybe take a note from Dr. Smith…

“If you find yourself begging and pleading God to perform an information dump of the whole semester so you don’t have to study for your finals, you might be in trouble. You may prefer to start praying for mercy from your instructors instead… =)”

(Devon Smith, Assistant Professor and Director of the MTA- School of Ministry and Christian Thought)

Or try “The Triple Threat”—Food, Drink, Studying:


“Protein, Caffeine, Repeat.”

Addendum: “I guess that should say “Protein, Caffeine, STUDY, Repeat”

(Dr. Dalene Fisher, Assistant Professor of English)


“To quote Loralei Gilmore, ‘This is a jumbo coffee morning; I’ll take it in an IV’ Stay awake and study hard!”

(Keri Bostwick, Professor of Education, Director, M.Ed.)


“Try studying for 12 hours straight, drink lots of coffee, take breaks playing Mafia, and watch old scary movies that really are not scary so that you laugh really hard. And of course Praise Jesus!

Definitely will get you that A.”

(April Coolley, Communications, 2013)


“Study, get some sleep, and go to Quick Trip, Taco Bell, or both. Then study some more. Before all that, go to Altar and worship—that sets the tone for the whole week!”

(Matt Shea, Pastoral Ministry, 2012)

Or, you could listen to this guy:


“It’s easier said than done, but you should eat right and not over-caffeinate. I blame my finals week downfalls on cookie dough and Red Bull.”

(Chris Breiland, Director of Residential Life)

Make wise choices, students.

And by wise choices, we also mean:


Don’t TP/decorate your instructors car during daylight hours. They might catch you in the act.

(Sara Gowan, Communication Arts, 1997)

Probably a good idea.


Don’t get wrapped in Saran wrap and laid out on the lawn.

(Kent Guthrie Accounting/Information Systems, 1994)

Uh….seems legit?


DO NOT change your first answer!  Your first answer is usually the right one.


(Amy Thomas, Adjunct Professor of Nursing)


Have a baby…”

(Dr. Jerome Van Kuiken, Associate Professor of Ministry and Christian Thought)

Wait, what?

Yep. Dr. Van Kuiken and his wife welcomed their daughter during a finals week, and all his exams were waived as a result. “Of course,” he says, “every day since then has been a test day for my parenting skills.”

So, not recommended, then?


On a somewhat more helpful, if minimalist, note:


(Chris Pine, General Studies, 1986).

Yes, that seems like a good idea. As does this:


Develop your own study habits! Just because your classmates are successful pulling all-nighters, doesn’t mean you won’t oversleep.

(Michelle Jones, Communication Arts, 2009)

This alum-turned-professor agrees:

 Study in the mansion. When I was a student it was the library and no one was ever there!

(Brianna {Maydew} McNall, Adjunct Professor, 2003 General Science Alum, 2011 M.Ed. Alum)

Silence is golden, people. But so is having a *little* fun:


One semester, I was really stressed about one of my finals; I’d studied HARD and decided to take a quick break.  It had snowed earlier in the day; so, I headed to some of the small hills on my campus and rolled down the hills in the snow with one of my friends!

(Dr. Beverly Hartter, Professor of Mathematics)

She did fine on that final, too. Of course.


Work hard between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Your performance cycle should match the testing times. Rest the other hoursvery few finals are given at 2 a.m.

(James Allison, Adjunct Professor of Business)

And finally, all kidding aside, there’s this gem:


Study now Remember why you are there this really is preparing you for your future. You will perform in your future career the same way you perform in your training. Make necessary changes now, it is so much easier than later.

(Don Blain, Ministerial Studies, 1985).


Mic. Dropped.


Good luck and happy Finals Week, OKWU!