Three of OKWU’s own are heading out to take on Washington. These students have accepted internships in Washington, D.C. to learn more about themselves, the country, and future job opportunities. Ian Stephens and Spencer Fisher will be working for Family Research Council (FRC) and Daley Gay will be working for a representative’s office.

Family Research Council’s focus is to educate their interns on policy issues, equip them for professional careers by having them do research and administration work, and encourage their interns to explore their options for a career. Oklahoma Wesleyan had the opportunity to be part of the FRC’s Values Voter Summit in 2016. OKWU brought 34 students to this event to attend sessions led by top conservative voices and politicians. All three students attended this trip to Washington, increasing their interest in opportunities for internships in the Capitol.


Ian Stephens is currently a junior at OKWU studying Business Management and Leadership. His main motivation for pursuing an internship at the Family Research Council was because of OKWU’s trip to FRC’s Valve Voter Summit in 2016. After attending sessions led by top conservative voices and politicians, Ian decided that he wanted to get involved with the Family Research Council. “I have always been interested in politics,” shared Stephens, “and I saw this internship as a way to look deeper in, and really see if this was something I wanted to pursue.” Stephens started his 13-week internship on May 15th. Over the summer, he will work in the Church Ministers Department at FRC, focusing on research and writing.


Spencer Fisher will be joining the FRC for his last semester at OKWU. Spencer is currently a senior at OKWU and will be finishing his last semester in Washington, D.C. When asked about his motivation for spending his last semester away from OKWU, Fisher told the University, “I decided to pursue the internship in DC because of an interest in politics. I want to make connections in that world before I graduate, and I enjoy the DC area.” Fisher will start his internship in late August and will finish in December, just in time for graduation. FRC offers many different internship opportunities and Ian waits to be assigned.



Daley Gay is currently a junior at OKWU. She is Pre-Med major and basketball player with a passion for law and politics. Daley has also taken an internship in Washington. She hopes “to find a way to somehow integrate my knowledge of biology, that I have been taught in school and my passion for law and politics.” She is hoping that this internship will give her some insight into her future decision on what career path to take.



Spencer, Ian, and Daley have taken OKWU’s mission to practice being “critically engaged” to politics in Washington, D.C. They recognize that they have the opportunity to show the university’s four foundational pillars through these internships, and are excited for the opportunity in front of them.