Not everyone who wants to answer the call into full-time ministry is a teenager just out of high school. In many cases, people are called to serve as ministers when they’re working hard in another career and taking care of their families. Because God calls people to ministry out of all walks of life, the Wesleyan denomination offers online ministerial education options to help them answer. With Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s online Cross Training program, you can meet the academic requirements for ordination within the Wesleyan Church while keeping up with your current responsibilities as you pursue preparation for ministry.


When You Don’t Feel Qualified

Many people who are called into ministry feel like they are inadequate for the job — a commonality of the men God called in the Bible, as well. The truth is that, in and of yourself, you are inadequate. You are unqualified. However, with preparation, experience, and the Holy Spirit’s anointing, you can rest in the supreme adequacy of the one who called you to minister to others. God calls people who are forgiven, humble, ready to learn and grow, and those who are ready to let him use them.


Academics Required by the Wesleyan Church

The Wesleyan Church has some academic requirements for those who want to be ordained for ministry. The training courses they require are designed to help prepare individuals for the various opportunities and tasks that come with ministering to others. The six specific courses required by the church in order to become a licensed minister — your first step towards being ordained — include:

  • Introduction to Old Testament
  • Introduction to New Testament
  • Introduction to Theology
  • Church Leadership/Management
  • Introduction to Homiletics
  • Wesleyan History/Discipline


It’s also recommended that students complete the Methods of Bible study course early on in their training as they work towards entering the ministry. Some of the other classes that may be recommended include Psychology, General Church History, Doctrine of Holiness, Pastoral Counseling, and Supervised Ministry.


The Cross Training Online Ordination Program

At Oklahoma Wesleyan University, our online ordination program was specifically designed for the Wesleyan Church. Known as Cross Training, this program fulfills the academic requirements that must be met in order to be ready for ordination.


One of the main benefits to taking the Cross Training program is the flexibility it offers, particularly to non-traditional students who want to prepare to answer the call into full-time ministry. It can be difficult to take traditional classes if you’re working a job and taking care of family responsibilities. With the Cross Training program, everything is available online, making it easy for students to access classes from anywhere in the world, as long as they have internet access.


As a student in the Cross Training program, you’ll find that you can work on your own time and at a pace that fits into your current life. You can move as quickly, or as slowly, as you need through the program to ensure get the education you need to succeed in your goals. Plus, with no need to attend physical classes, taking the online Cross Training program saves both time and money.


Reasonably Priced Classes

The classes for the Cross Training program are reasonably priced. OKWU understands that going into full-time ministry takes sacrifice, including financial sacrifice. For this reason, we work to offer low-priced classes to make training for the ministry financially feasible to students.


Our goal with Cross Training is to make sure people called into ministry are well prepared to go out and minister to others. If you feel this ministerial calling on your life and you’re ready to start preparing to serve, we’re here to help you prepare for a life of ministry and service.


Are you interested in learning more about how you can answer the call into full-time ministry? Would you like to learn how you can get prepared to serve others? Are you ready to find out how you can enjoy a Christ-centered, biblically based education at OKWU? If so, we’d love to introduce you to our unique Christian perspective, which is prevalent no matter what field of study you want to pursue. If you’re ready to learn more about how you can pursue your calling and goals with Oklahoma Wesleyan University, email us at or call us today at 918-335-6200.