If you’re interested in pursuing a criminal justice degree, you may be curious about the type of careers available to you once you finish your degree program. Some of the more common criminal justice careers include police officers, forensic technicians, parole officers, detectives, bailiffs, and corrections officers. Perhaps you’ve already considered a few of them already. However, there are quite a few criminal juice jobs of which you might not be aware, and as you learn about some new opportunities, you may find the perfect path for you in the future.


Crime Victims Service Coordinator

Do you have a lot of compassion for people? Maybe that’s why you’re interested in a criminal justice degree — so you can serve. This unique job allows you to give support to people who are victims of a crime, offer help with emotional support, help with daily or routine tasks, and help victims and their families make it through the process. You don’t hear about this job much, but it’s an essential one for victims of crimes, and it’s a wonderful way for you to make a difference.


Document Examiner

Do you pay close attention to details? You might be surprised to find that a lot of forgery and fraud occurs within the court system. Document examiners work with judges and legal counsel to determine evidence in cases. This requires looking for inconsistencies and small details that other people may miss when they look at documents, and the job helps you ensure the integrity of our justice system.


Probate Investigator

If you love working with children and making sure that children are protected and thriving, then you may want to consider a job as a probate investigator. In divorce cases, custody negotiations often take place, and sometimes a probate officer must step in to settle issues between disagreeing sides. It may even require that you ensure that funds are being used appropriately for a child’s needs or medical insurance. Your number one priority will be protecting the child’s welfare. If you’d like to make a difference in the lives of kids, then this may be a great career option to consider after you obtain your criminal justice degree.


Loss Prevention Specialists

Many large retail stores have to contend with losses due to theft, which is why they invest in hiring loss prevention specialists to help deal with theft crimes that occur at their locations. Theft results in billions of dollars in loss for retail stores each year, which is why they’re willing to pay professionals to prevent thefts. If you’re interested in working for a private company, this may be a perfect job for you. You’ll be working with organizations and businesses to deal with internal and external threats that costs companies in lost revenue.


Diplomatic Security Agents

Diplomatic relations are important for our country. Keeping our ambassadors safe while they conduct business is equally important. Diplomatic security agents work for the federal government, protecting ambassadors and ensuring they are able to conduct business in a safe manner. Along with a criminal justice degree, you may also need to have some law enforcement training. Since it can be a very physical role, you’ll be required to take a physical fitness test. In addition, you must be under the age of 37 to be appointed to this job.


Probation Officers

If you have a heart for helping people to get their life back on track after they’ve made big mistakes, then a job as a probation officer could be a great option for your criminal justice education. Probation officers deal with offenders, making sure they meet the terms of parole or probation agreements. This includes interviewing offenders, reporting their progress, administering drug tests, and working with them to find help if they have substance abuse or mental health issues that need treated. This job that combines the aspects of both the correctional officer and the social worker requires a person to have compassion for offenders who want to improve their life and get back on track.


No matter your career path you take with your criminal justice degree, it requires a heart of service and a desire to truly make a difference in the lives you touch. From common career paths to some a bit more obscure, you have many options available for a career … and for making a real difference.


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