Christian ministry isn’t just something you do if you’re an ordained minister or missionary – every Christian should see their work as an opportunity for full-time Christian ministry. While it’s simple to focus on your faith on Sundays, when Monday morning rolls around, it’s all too easy to shift your focus into work mode, and your faith and Christian morals become an afterthought. Your faith should fuel every part of your life, including your business practices. Here’s a closer look at how you can infuse your faith and Christian morals into your business.


Have a Christian Mission Statement 

If you’re running a business, its very foundation should be built on the faith and values that you hold dear. The first things many customers and potential employees read about your business is your mission statement, and it’s a great place to start infusing your faith. Make sure your business’ mission statement acknowledges and reflects your Christian morals. Not only will it speak to others of your purpose, but it will keep you on track, reminding you that your purpose is to minister to others. With a mission statement that inspires others and honors God, you’ll find it easier to keep your faith as an important part of your business.


Focus on a Culture of Transparency 

Your faith is important, and if you want to infuse faith and Christian morals into your business, focus on having a culture of transparency. Communicate your faith and convictions with your staff so they can understand your calling and purpose. You are leading your company, and part of combining Christian ministry and business is to speak truth into the lives of individuals you encounter, whether they’re employees or customers.


Integrate Christian Morals 

Your morals and values are going to be at the very core of all your business operations. Take some time to think about it. Are your operations reflecting Christian ethics? Your product and service quality, how your business treats people, and how your business deals with money should all be a reflection of your Christian morals. Take your faith and Christian principles and use integrate them into company culture.


Share Your Faith and Truth 

Everyone, no matter their profession, should focus on Christian ministry. As you run your business, look for ways that you can help point other people to Christ. You can do this in so many different ways. Scripture can be added to marketing materials or to your website. You can have regular Bible studies for employees that want to participate. You can have a place for employees and/or customers to submit their prayer requests. Your business can find ways to reach out into the community doing acts of kindness that spread love and faith to others. Running a business isn’t just about routine business practices – it’s your chance to minister to all the people with whom you come in contact as you run your business.

Have a Spirit of Giving
Once again, your business is an opportunity for you to have a unique Christian ministry to others, and one great way to do so is to make sure your business gives back to others. Create a fund for giving within your business. Lead the way by contributing to the fund yourself, and then you can encourage employees to get into the spirit of giving as well. You can use the fund to help local charities, give to employees going through a time of need, or help with other community projects that will make a difference. Giving back helps you create a feeling of purpose and unity within your business and shows employees and your community that you are willing to share the profits you bring in for the business. Giving is a powerful statement of faith and a beautiful way to minister to others.


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