The Oklahoma Wesleyan University campus is excited to host our annual Josh McDowell Institute Collision Conference on Friday, January 25th, 2019. This day-long conference, attended by the entire traditional student body, is also free and open to the community.

This year, local pastors Rev. James Biesiadecki and Dr. Rod MacIlvaine, along with Dr. Jerome Van Kuiken, OKWU’s Dean of the School of Christian Ministry and Thought, will lead sessions and discussions on biblical authority.

The authority of scripture is arguably the most important apologetic issue of the twenty-first century. Much of society views the Christian Bible as “just another book,” as a text that contains a few good stories and perhaps some historical insight but is not “authoritative” for anyone’s life.

A culture that rejects the authority of Scripture will not be persuaded to Christian viewpoints simply because “the Bible says so.” Christians rightly look to Scripture to guide their beliefs about a host of matters that affect personal, professional, and social life, but they must be able to explain why Scripture is the ultimate authority about those matters. An inability to defend biblical authority will leave many genuine seekers with doubts about the foundations of the Christian faith.

Can the Bible be trusted? Why is it more special—more authoritative—than any other book? How was the Bible formed? Does the Old Testament still matter? The 2019 Josh McDowell Collision Conference will address these questions in detail and equip attendees to respond intelligently to one of the most significant challenges facing the Church today.

Seating is limited, so community members outside the student body can RSVP at