I have been asked for clarification by a few who are a bit surprised by the announcement of a new president of Oklahoma Wesleyan.

You might have missed it, but back in October of 2018 I announced my retirement from the presidency of OKWU. I told the Board of Trustees then that after 16 years I did not intend to accept another contract when my current term of service is complete.

I made this announcement with well over a year remaining in my current contract with one intent and one intent only: that of giving the board something that colleges and universities almost never enjoy at such moments of transition: the gift of time – plenty of time – to do a search and find the right person to take the baton and run the race for the 4Ps and for OKWU.

The board completed that search yesterday with the appointment of Dr. Dunn. He is the right man! He is exactly who I would have chosen.

So – yep, on June 1, 2019, I am stepping aside. It’s been a great ride. In 2002 this school was 12 months away from closure, with crushing debt, plummeting enrollment and virtually no cultural voice. It is now a university that is debt free, doubled in enrollment, flush with cash, and known coast to coast as a leader in the market place of ideas

God bless all the alumni within the OKWU family. Your diploma is now known for representing something clear and bold and right. It is known for standing unequivocally for the Truth in a time where so many claim there is no such thing!

The future of OKWU is bright.

Blessings and courage in the days ahead.