Dr. Tony Perkins to Receive OKWU President’s Award

As part of this year’s Homecoming & Family Weekend at OKWU, Dr. Piper will present the President’s Award to OKWU partner and friend, Dr. Tony Perkins. Dr. Perkins is the fourth and longest-serving president of the Family Research Council (FRC), … Continued

OKWU Responds to Trump Administration HHS Announcement

October 6, 2017 The Trump administration has significantly expanded legal protections for organizations that object to providing abortion-inducing drugs and devices in their health plans. An Affordable Care Act regulation forces many employers to cover such drugs, and the previous … Continued

Dr. Piper Releases New Book

Oklahoma Wesleyan University President, Dr. Everett Piper, released his second book today, August 7th, entitled, This is Not a Day Care: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth. In the book, Dr. Piper, author of the 2015 viral op-ed “This is … Continued

Charlie Gard, Healthcare, and Transgender Ban

Dr. Piper joins the Pat Campbell show to talk about Charlie Gard, Healthcare, and the Transgender Ban. https://dfkfj8j276wwv.cloudfront.net/episodes/fb5def98-533c-49c7-b765-f693baaa62e0/bf808b7a538aa232afb5461a0aaf917d1be2dab13ebb16d1a450e1ac58be7c87d5fe624befeed7011722d291f73029b298ccf1ecfb81528cd61d9c49be8ba510/Piper%20POD.mp3

Dr. Piper on Charlie Gard, Pro LGBT, Theology & False Teaching

Dr. Piper Joins the Pat Campbell show to talk about Charlie Gard, Pro LGBT, Theology & False Teaching. https://dfkfj8j276wwv.cloudfront.net/episodes/22792040-218c-4385-bff2-6cd9fe2bca60/c20e065a5548f797291625e30b9860e946c1328cfd39eec4679622f11b77ac3cd779a3a5d004de81c6fb5af83496183d5f3630a2b6f2ea9246ab90f03d7acb24/PIPER%20POD.mp3  

Dr. Piper on the Pat Campbell Show

Dr. Piper Joins the Pat Campbell show to talk about Charlie Gard, Constant Truth, and Safe Spaces. https://dfkfj8j276wwv.cloudfront.net/episodes/ec456457-fd60-4325-9706-7f0ae81db4fb/3c46d93b595f4ddd7a50881b52078f0cc8d9a77b681b4cb4e8337b8e612ee244aa7616ac05df073681bcae1f4a956799b6de942ec7f4070fc4608aa77ecb7598/Piper%20POD.mp3 7/14/17  

Dr. Piper on the Pat Campbell Show

Dr. Piper talks about his book release, universities, and Charlie Gard. https://dfkfj8j276wwv.cloudfront.net/episodes/32c588ac-6c7f-41ac-8ee0-f1138a3fa081/158dbaf424136315fa7f7deb0bc89837614fbc459a08189f8f9f326182a5ed5ef1779600c8fa93753569c5fa4b675aa8a2b2780909dfc99fc5e89259ff95a7a2/Piper%20Book%20POD.mp3