Dr. Piper on Self-Segregation and Is the Devil Real?

Dr. Piper joins the Pat Campbell show to talk about Self-Segregation. https://dfkfj8j276wwv.cloudfront.net/episodes/6f534542-f8e6-43c5-b3d3-30abdad8f443/9865565eb7a21d9158cb09d6e07008d010768bd46412d3b766153a68b5f10356e214bce9af89a7aee77223153d92e22bbe37381985eb555ad3a89a92132ace40/Piper%20POD.mp3  

Dr. Piper on Intolerance, Manchester, and Wood Panels

Dr. Piper joins the Pat Campbell show to talk about Left intolerance, Manchester, and masculine wood panels. https://dfkfj8j276wwv.cloudfront.net/episodes/e329ea12-27b1-45f5-9358-06967db592e2/b5fe02ccbb4eb3f868f45deda330bd50e1638926b1c8ff9f5dbe5447ecb08f886f049e649335f9957b5289cf093ef12e2360e6e97e71f66ed04ec1eed15fc399/Piper%20POD.mp3

Dr. Piper on “Last Man Standing” on the Pat Campbell Show

Dr. Piper joins the Pat Campbell Show to talk about ABC’s “Last Man Standing” show, Liberal Convictions, and the 25th Amendment. https://dfkfj8j276wwv.cloudfront.net/episodes/cdbc7d02-0bf2-481e-9003-4f0a36727d08/9c5ac94d8b0e07919c062d5d7841f20c524ab015e2cafbaaed2824fb679d71cdfb10c4636e9d6998527a7cb6206f2ae9840c86d529a270131edcff9b36f65de4/Piper%20POD.mp3

Dr. Piper on the Pat Campbell Show

Dr. Piper joins Pat Campbell to talk about “Never Trumpers”, Disturbing Billboards, and more. https://dfkfj8j276wwv.cloudfront.net/episodes/7e2f888b-00db-4740-b91d-78da87164b3a/3ff26a2c413ef63b567ea0f78f603657ced695d1e1ce68995765a4bf52fbcd0ecb4ff017df3fbc931c47e85681300984900f4fe02d4532fd5d208ed32021c58e/Piper%20POD%205-12.mp3  

“Washington Watch” Guest Host: Dr. Piper

On Wednesday’s edition of “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Dr. Everett Piper, guest hosts for Tony. He is joined with Jessica Vaughan, center for Immigration Studies Director of Policy Studies. http://wpc.14cb.edgecastcdn.net/0014CB/_definst_/frc/EF17C33.mp3 3/22/17  

Dr. Piper on “Truths That Transform” with Dr. Frank Wright

Dr. Piper recently had the opportunity to join Dr. D. James Kennedy Ministries’ “Truths That Transform” show with Dr. Frank Wright, discussing campus unrest and the role of Christian colleges. Watch the full interview here Original Airdate: April 2, 2017

Dr. Piper on Fox News

Dr. Piper appeared last night on Fox News’ Special Report with Bret Baier, discussing recent college protests and the idea that the troubles we see on campuses nationwide is a result of the ideas our culture has been teaching our students.

Dr. Piper joins panel at Steamboat Institute Freedom Conference

August 27, 2016 Dr. Piper was recently a panelist for “The PC Culture and Free Speech on Campus”. The panel also featured Charlie Kirk, Marcus Fotenos, and Jillian Melchior at the Steamboat Institute Freedom Conference in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.