May 2019 Commencement

Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s May 2019 Commencement was a historic one, marking a passing of the baton from the University’s fifth president, Dr. Everett Piper, to its sixth, Dr. Jim Dunn, upon Dr. Piper’s retirement. Dr. Piper gave his final commencement … Continued

No Coddling Allowed

In an interview for WORLD News Magazine in March 2018, Dr. Piper talks about how culture screams for “safe spaces,” but college is a place to be challenged.

When David beat Goliath, once more

Originally posted on Washington Times In 2011, every college and university in the United States received a “guidance letter” from the Obama administration’s Department of Education declaring that all colleges and universities across the land, from Brown to Berkeley, were … Continued

George Orwell called, and he wants his royalties

Originally Posted by the Washington Times   Have we completely lost our minds? In a word: Yes. Cosmopolitan Magazine has released its February issue, featuring the most recent transgender poster child Laverne Cox on its cover. There is so much … Continued

Dr. Piper Speaks at Dept. of Health and Human Services

January 18, 2018  – Bartlesville, OK This morning, Oklahoma Wesleyan University President, Dr. Everett Piper, joined other leaders in speaking at a Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) event in Washington, D.C. The topic of the day was the … Continued

Words Mean Something

“Remember that he who defines the terms wins the debate and he who defines the words, wins the culture.”

Talking Points: Trans-misogyny

Our federal government once again demonstrated its bold-faced disdain for women by telling a Chicago area school that its female students not only do not have the right to their own sports teams any longer, but they do not even have the right to their own locker rooms.

A Campaign Prayer

Father, as we, the citizens of the United States of America, enter into another campaign season, we remember that you have told us that if your people will humble themselves and seek your face and repent, you will hear us … Continued

Imago Dei or Imago Dog?

This past summer, the world changed. We all awoke this September in a totally different time and place than the one we lived in just a few short months earlier; a world where the Supreme Court can’t find the definition … Continued