“This is Not a Daycare”: An Answer for the Absurdity

As the university president who wrote the viral “This is Not a Day Care” op-ed, I have been called by the media in recent days with essentially this question: “Dr. Piper, okay – your “Not a Day Care” piece identified the problem, but what’s the solution?”

Maybe the White House Should Listen to Women

Now that the Supreme Court has urged the government to work with the plaintiffs to find a solution, pray that the administration and its lawyers listen and hear this message loud and clear.

Hating Lynette Gay’s Love

In this Talking Points, Dr. Piper discusses philanthropist Lynette Gay and what M. Scott Peck called “the diabolical human mind”.

The Power of a Good Idea

In this Talking Points, Dr. Piper uses the story of abolitionist and politician, William Wilberforce, to remind us that ideas matter, and can change cultures.